Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Omega-3 Supreme 1400 mg Fish Oil Concentrate ~ Review

Welcome to my review of Omega-3 Supreme 1400 mg Fish Oil Concentrate.

It was recommended to me by my physician to take a fish oil product to better my heath. There are so many choices out there to choose from when it comes to supplements, so which one is best for me? Well, I was given the opportunity to try this Omega -3 Supreme. I am excited to say this is a great supplement by Life & Food. Omega-3 Supreme 1400 mg Fish Oil Concentrate comes in a nice size bottle of 90 Soft gels.  

As a dietary supplement, take two soft gels daily preferably with a meal. The soft gels are smaller in size, which makes them much easier to swallow. This supplement has NO-GMO's, and I'm happy about that!

I started to take this supplement about one month ago, and have noticed my hair looks shinier, and my skin seems less dry. I know some fish oils can cause bad side affects, but not this one. No fishy taste in my mouth, no fish burps, or stomach upset. As always, it's best to consult with your primary care physician first before using any supplements. I'm going to continue taking this Omega-3 Supreme, and I highly recommend it.
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90 Softgels.

Life & Food Omega-3 Supreme Advantage 

○ Highly concentrated and pure, pharmaceutical grade (above 75% Omega-3)
○ 644/336 EPA/DHA levels (Meeting GOED standards).
○ Fish Oil concentrate made from IFOS 5-star certified fish oils (raw material).
○ Contains the minimum recommended 1,000 mg (1g) of Omega-3s per serving.
○ Sourced from wild Alaskan caught Pollock. Sustainable and certified operation by MSC.
○ USA Manufactured and laboratory tested in FDA, GMP, NSF certified facilities.
○ Molecularly distilled, clean refined and tested. ○ Easy to swallow soft gelatin capsules.
○ Enteric coated for max absorption and no fish burps.

Guaranteed to be pharmaceutical grade 75% Omega-3s (with 644 mg of EPA and 336 mg of DHA) meeting GOED Standard levels. GOED, The Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s, was developed to help ensure that omega-3 oils reaching consumers were both safe and of high quality.

The Life & Food Omega 3 Supreme Benefit
Enteric coated with no fish burps, or after taste, our Supreme grade Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement promotes cardiovascular health, joint support, cognitive support, circulation and helps in maintaining cholesterol levels†.
Studies have shown that diets high in Omega-3 fatty acids - EPA and DHA -- may lower a person's health risks. By eating a diet rich in fatty acid containing fish - cold-water swimmers such as pollock, sardines and salmon, can lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. Some studies show there is a proven link that EPA and DHA reduces inflammation from arthritis conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Non-meat sources of Omega-3 include olive oil, walnuts and flaxseed.

Disclaimer: I received a 90-count bottle of this product at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review.

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