Wednesday, January 21, 2015

PVA Shower Curtain Liner by Smarty Pants Supplies - Review

I was given the opportunity to try this PVA shower curtain liner for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own. I love trying products and writing reviews, so when this was offered to me - I jumped on it. I couldn't wait to get this, and get it installed in my shower. I have been battling mold and mildew on shower curtains, and liners forever. I can buy a new shower curtain or liner, and within a couple of weeks here starts the mold and mildew growth. Yuck, toss it out to the trash!

This shower curtain liner comes in three colors: White, Frosted, and Ultra Clear. I chose the frosted color. (featured in my photo below.) I used a light tan colored shower hook to match the color of my walls. I can add a shower curtain or use this liner by itself.

Let me tell you about this amazing shower curtain liner. I simply love it. I haven't had any negative problems with this shower curtain liner at all.

Environmentally Friendly, Eco-Friendly - PEVA
Mildew Resistant, Heavy Duty 10-Gauge Vinyl,
Reinforced with Metal Grommets,
Magnetic Weights,
Odor Free,
72" x 72",
No Chlorine,
No Odor,
Resists Mold,
Resists Mildew,
Resists Bacteria.

You can purchase your own beautiful liner on Amazon.

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  1. We are always looking for a good shower curtain liner. We still haven't found one we love. Your's looks good in the shower. I hope this one really does protect against mold and mildew!


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