Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cellphone Postcards Review

Cellphone Postcards, a new service that turns the pictures you take with your cell phone or digital camera into real, high-quality glossy postcards. You can sign up for free, and no credit card is required. Each card is 99 cents each sent anywhere in the United States. The cost to send internationally is $1.98. Postcards are sold in packs of 10 and 20. Using their website is really easy, and quick. When you register with Cellphone Postcards, they give you one postcard absolutely free with their trial offer. They also send you a copy of that postcard so you can see how it looks. The trial expires when your free trial postcard and personal copy has been sent. Message and data rates may apply. Sending the postcards is so easy. I just uploaded a photo from my computer, added a cute message, then the address of the person to whom I was sending it to, and then I was done. They print, stamp and mail the card for you. I can see myself using this service in the future. Sending more Cellphone Postcards to family, and friends is going to be fun.

I am a BzzAgent and got a free trial of the service. These thoughts and opinions are my own.

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